• Fresh Art

    05 May 2017 / Art Tips, Design

    Lovely watercolour pieces have been leaving my studio since my last blog!   Watercolour is a medium I do enjoy and have a great appreciation for.  This is, in part, because its process can be unpredictable.  The wonderful mystery of how a few brush strokes creates an awesome effect is also the same mystery which can result in a simple brushstroke… 

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  • What comes from the heart

    12 August 2016 / Art, Design

    Some charitable acts are driven by love.  A beautiful person made a request to help a friend for a good cause with no other stipulation than that she liked the Happily-Ever-After-Hearts that I had recently completed for a wedding. On further enquiry, we established the dream catcher was a favourite part. I set to work on some initial sketches using the… 

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  • Happily Ever After Hearts

    14 March 2016 / Art, Design

    A beautiful invitation arrived and plans were made to attend.  However as the date drew closer we were unable to go & the bride-&-groom-to-be would not accept a monetary gift for their wishing well in our absence.  So what to do? “Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile” Franklin P… 

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  • Making of the Chakra Series

    14 December 2015 / Art, Design

    If you have ever attended a yoga class you will recognise these little gems.  Chakras are said to be energy centres that align the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and beyond if you count the auric field.  They offer the perfect balance within the body for tapping the… 

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  • The Right Colour Selection

    16 November 2015 / Art Tips, Design

    Knowing which primary colour is behind your colour selection is an important step when choosing colour for your home. If you have ever been to the hardware store to select white paint for example you will know what I mean.  The dilemma of choosing the “correct” white from the multitude available becomes even more confusing when you… 

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  • When Space is a Premium… mind over matter!

    12 October 2015 / Design

    Living in a small home I know what it is like to have no room to unleash your creative passions!  One of the places I often work is in our main living area over the dining table where I can spread out and enjoy the natural light from the garden. However, at the end of the… 

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  • Can Art Change You?

    12 August 2015 / Art, Design

    When a person creates art, or when they experience other people’s art, they are making a connection. More than just about the making of art or the simple seeing of something new, art is about the meaning we seek both in ourselves as well as in our connection with the world. Sometimes we would like… 

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