• A fresh change to an old painting

    09 September 2018 / Art, Inspirations

    They say that the best time to clean out your cupboards, wash your curtains and clean up an old painting is in Spring.  Well, the owner of this painting that I did a few years ago clearly thought so.  She had the art in her bedroom where she looked at it each day before getting… 

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  • Find Your Tune in June

    26 June 2018 / Art, Inspirations

    A lovely colleague at work had a baby girl on 3rd June and it was a wonderful opportunity to prime those watercolour brushes again. “We lose ourselves in the things we love….We find ourselves there, too” My inspiration for these two designs came from a feeling of being light and free and of course my love of nature and all… 

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  • Awesome Autumn

    12 May 2018 / Inspirations

    It’s May and I love this time of year.  Partly because the first bursts of sunshine are warming your back when it is so cold outside and partly because of the autumn colours.  A tree becomes more like a show-stopper and the garden an explosion of colour.  It is also this same time of year when… 

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  • She has a Gypsy Soul and a Fairy Spirit

    16 October 2017 / Art, Inspirations

    Armed with all the love and mischief gathered since before her birth in 2015, a trio of pictures was created around the words her mother posted at the announcement of her birth.  This was a gift for my god-daughter’s first born.  One of Lotti’s many superpowers is her love of nature and the sense of freedom she oozes.  Fun and natural… 

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  • New creativity

    02 February 2017 / Inspirations, News

    Is it too late to say Happy New Year dear friends?!  For many of us 2016 was a bit of a blur and a challenging year and as I look back at my last blog…in October last year…it has been a little while between drinks!  Haha!  However, with the New Year has come new energy,… 

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  • Listen to Mother Nature

    15 July 2015 / Art, Inspirations

    I’m constantly in awe of nature. Not just in its capacity to create and control life on this wondrous planet but also, in the little things. Those moments when you notice the leaves changing colour on the trees; raindrops glistening on the window; a butterfly  fluttering from flower to flower; blades of grass dancing in the wind;… 

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