Awesome Autumn

12 May 2018 / Inspirations

It’s May and I love this time of year.  Partly because the first bursts of sunshine are warming your back when it is so cold outside and partly because of the autumn colours.  A tree becomes more like a show-stopper and the garden an explosion of colour.  It is also this same time of year when Mother’s Day comes around and we all give a nod to those wonderful ‘mother’ figures in our lives whom we love and appreciate.

“She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings”  Ariana Dancu

19-Heart Chakra

To all those amazing women in our lives, whether they have physically had a baby or not, I am celebrating you this month and every month.  It takes a village to raise a child they say and I hope you too are making the most of the seasonal change and appreciating the women who inspire and delight you.

So while Spring is waiting in the wings, why not appreciate the joys of Autumn and its big brother, Winter which is almost upon our doorstep.    I do prefer to paint from indoors especially when it is wet and chilly outside but, I have been known to venture out occasionally too with sketchbook in hand or at least sit and draw my subject from the warmth of my car (or dare I say, from my bed!) when that tiny bird catches my attention or the gum tree that overhangs our property or even our mischievous cat, Orlando as he sprawls out across my painting table.   This time of year is perfect for those contemplative moments when the tiny details come to life and you are inspired from more ‘closed’ spaces.

So you know where you’ll find me this month, savouring those moments usually wrapped in a blanket either from the shelter of my car or in my studio (or bed!), thinking about the next project with a delicious hot beverage in hand and a yummy treat close by.    So stay warm and happy, celebrate the beautiful people in your life (especially our mothers!) and enjoy the self reflection and splendor that Autumn brings. x

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