She has a Gypsy Soul and a Fairy Spirit

16 October 2017 / Art, Inspirations

Armed with all the love and mischief gathered since before her birth in 2015, a trio of pictures was created around the words her mother posted at the announcement of her birth.  This was a gift for my god-daughter’s first born.  One of Lotti’s many superpowers is her love of nature and the sense of freedom she oozes.  Fun and natural curiosity are the name of the game and clarity is her prize.   Like so many young children, she is a beautiful teacher of life.

“Follow your bliss” – Joseph Campbell


With an open brief, I drew a scene of animals, flowers, colour and music.   Watercolour was the chosen medium as it allowed a playful approach to light and colour and was also the preferred choice requested by Lotti’s mother.  With Kiwi and English parents, Lotti’s first panel was inspired by two English woodland creatures, the fox and squirrel playing happily in the grass and flowers and watched over by a large lighthearted dragonfly.    The arrows symbolise her steadfast independence and point toward a delicate heart of kindness and love.


The second panel was drawn from her mother’s love of earthy tones and all things wild and free.  The elephant represents female strength, courage and wisdom and the dream catcher of feathers, small hearts and flower circles tied together this lighthearted theme.


Lastly, the third panel celebrates the musical song of the hummingbird, the nickname Lotti received before she was born and still has today.  The birds and butterfly continue the theme of freedom and the Koru featured at the bottom of this panel is a nod to Lotti’s mother and her New Zealand heritage and represents new beginnings.


These pictures remind me to go outside and play.   To have more fun and to create more wondrous moments to just be.

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