Listen to Mother Nature

15 July 2015 / Art, Inspirations

I’m constantly in awe of nature. Not just in its capacity to create and control life on this wondrous planet but also, in the little things. Those moments when you notice the leaves changing colour on the trees; raindrops glistening on the window; a butterfly  fluttering from flower to flower; blades of grass dancing in the wind; tiny attractive insects moving through the grass; clouds morphing into imaginary shapes across the sky; the warmth of the sun on your shoulders on a cold day…

“Everything comes to you in the right moment. Be patient”

  • Anonymous

These things all have the ability to slow us down. Lingering in their beauty reminds me that ‘patience pays’ and ‘everything in its own time’.

So today, I give thanks to nature. Because we live in a world that tells us to hurry but Nature tells us to take our time. When I watch the rain outside or stroke my cat, Orlando curled up next to me, I am filled with a sense of peace that no amount of money or time can buy. Listen to nature I say… I think she is our greatest teacher.

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