What comes from the heart

12 August 2016 / Art, Design

Some charitable acts are driven by love.  A beautiful person made a request to help a friend for a good cause with no other stipulation than that she liked the Happily-Ever-After-Hearts that I had recently completed for a wedding. On further enquiry, we established the dream catcher was a favourite part. I set to work on some initial sketches using the medium of watercolour just as I had with the heart design.

“What comes from the heart goes to the heart”

  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The design soon began to take shape drawing on colours from the rainbow. Feathers in the dream catcher along with four tiny birds added a sense of freedom and movement.  The flowers and leaves that decorated the circular design also evoked a delicate tone to the artwork.

The playful nature of this design made it a joy to paint from beginning to end. Once completed it was lighted sealed and wrapped in love ready to be sent to its new home.

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